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As promised, this year's competition draw took place on the 10th November. The winner, Kirsty, has been notified and the print will be on its way shortly. Well done Kirsty! Thank you to everybody who took the time to take part...whether you found the bottles or not:-) I hope that you enjoyed it.

And this is where those little bottles were hiding...


At the moment I'm working on these two paintings. The main colours are blocked in but there is a long way to go yet.


Lots going on at the moment, in preparation for Cardiff Christmas market. This year I will be holding a stall from November 26th to December 21st. I have loads of new things this year, including eight new prints, lots of new coasters, cards, postcards, jigsaws and mugs.

A Silent Silver Moon Dancing to a Timeless Lullaby


Here are my latest paintings. Both now available in the shop as limited edition prints.

Another finished painting for 2017, "Burning Scales and Rusted Tales."


So far, so good for 2017. Here are the paintings that I have produced so far this year. There'll be an update on my next piece shortly.

All new work now available in the online shop!

A Breath Before the City Sings:


Well, here it is... my painting of Cardiff. It took nearly ten months to paint! The original image is 54 x 46 inches, and is oil on Linen canvas.


There is a tremendous amount of detail in this painting. When the initial image was mapped out and the colours were blocked in I used the tiniest of brushes to portray each building with as much accuracy as possible. Of course, the is always a little room for manoeuvre in my paintings as buildings are often distorted and scaled-up or down.


Almost all of the people are real too!  On that note... a big thank you to all the people who contacted me to be a part of it. Although I couldn't get everyone in there, I did get the vast majority of you... though it may take some time to find yourselves:-) There are family and friends, a class trip, pets, musicians and hundreds of other real people, doing real things.


Within the painting, you can find many of the iconic buildings of the Capital; spanning from St. David's hotel in the Bay, all the way to Castell Coch on the distant horizon.


Look out for Wales' historic win over the All Blacks... you saw it here first. Oh... and there's a Dalek and a tardis too.

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